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Join us for Ice Cream and Inspiration:

DCAEYC, Madison College Child and Family Center, and UW-Madison Office of Child Care and Family Resources Present: Ice Cream and Inspiration: What's Art Got to Do With It?

  • Free, 2 hours Registry Training

    When: Thursday May 18, 2017 from 6:00-8:00pm, Ice Cream and Toppings Starting at 5:30pm

    Where: Madison College Truax Campus, Rooms 309-311 in the Truax Health Building. Free parking!

    Click here for a campus map.

    Theme: Process Art


    What's art got to do with it? It's a question many ask when setting up a classroom or creating lesson plans. I believe it is safe to say that a large number, maybe even most teachers, see limited learning taking place during art. But, true process art, not product art masquerading as process art, provides far more for both the children in the class and their teachers.

    We will examine the impact process art can have on a children's social emotional development and behavior. Process art is the one activity that meets children where they are and lets them work at their own level. Process art requires neither skill nor language but provides opportunities to feel confident and willing to invest time and focus to gain mastery. This course provides insights into how process art can help children to be successful and teachers to be able to address the diverse needs of every child in their care.

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